Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are volunteers from the community, with diverse backgrounds in arts, business, and community development.

Representatives are appointed to the Boards and all other Directors are voted in at our Annual General Meeting each year. All Art Gallery of Burlington Members are invited to attend the AGM to exercise their voting rights, including voting for Board of Directors candidates.

Thanks to AGB’s Board of Directors’ talents, experience and efforts, we has a focused vision and mission and we are actively developing approaches to meet our strategic goals for serving the community.

Annual Report 2015
Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2011


Art Gallery of Burlington Board:

Tim Caddigan, Chair
Brenda Bowlby, Vice Chair
Selina Eckersall, Vice Chair
Paul MacDiarmid, Treasurer
Tom Evans, Secretary
Sandra Edrupt, Past Chair
Ted Bossence
Robynne Cole
Jim Commerford
Blair Lancaster, City of Burlington Representative
Bob Pring
Allan Ramsay

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Art Gallery of Burlington Foundation Board:

Kenna Danyliw, Chair
Nancy Lorimer, Vice Chair
Mike Wallace, Vice Chair
Paul MacDiarmid, Treasurer
Robert Redhead, Secretary
Rick Bashista
Roxanne Field
Harry Gelderman
Clinton Howell
Dan Lawrie
Bob Pring, Ambassador
Paul Subject
Greg Windle

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How to Get Involved as a Board Member

Nominations are being accepted for the Art Gallery of Burlington, Board of Directors, which is responsible for the governance and operations of the AGB, and for the Art Gallery of Burlington Foundation, a separate organization which oversees fundraising in support of our operating fund and our endowment fund.

Our Boards are seeking new members who are strategic thinkers and have been involved in long-range organizational planning and corporate and individual fundraising. Members need to be proven leaders and team players, with a high level of personal and/or professional accomplishment. Ideal candidates would have a passion for the visual arts and knowledge of the AGB.

Résumés for the AGB & AGBF Board Members may be sent by mail to:

Robert Steven, President & CEO
Art Gallery of Burlington
1333 Lakeshore Road
Burlington, Ontario, L7S 1A9

or by email: