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Portrait of a Collector: Herb Bunt

September 6, 2014 – November 2, 2014

Location: Permanent Collection Corridor
Reception: Sunday September 28, 2-4pm

Herbert O. Bunt, being the first major donor to the Permanent Collection of Canadian Ceramics at the Art Gallery of Burlington, shaped the direction for the future of the collection from the late seventies onward.  He appreciated the then unknown artists who were to become the major players in Canada – those artists who lifted the medium from a craft to an art.  Held in conjunction with the major exhibition Coast to Coast to Coast, see where ceramics began and how they evolved over the last forty years.

Jim Hong Louis, Dodo #1, n.d. View full image

In the Garden

April 12, 2014 – June 1, 2014

Location: Lee-Chin Family Gallery
Artists: Claudette Losier, Wayne Moore, Victoria Pearce and Susan Rankin around Victor Cicansky’s piece Garden Ruins from our collection
Curator: Denis Longchamps
Opening Reception: April 13, 2-4pm
Catalogue Launch Reception: May 25, 2-4pm
Image: Victor Cicansky – Garden Ruins (1986)

Immerse yourself and experience the beauty of floral works by Claudette Losier, Wayne Moore, Victoria Pearce and Susan Rankin. Losier depicts meditative dreamlike flowers, while Moore pays interest to the plant’s structure. Pearce creates dramatic still life studies, and Rankin incorporates floral elements into her glass blown vases.

Join us on Sunday May 25th at 2pm for the launch of the In the Garden exhibition catalogue. Winners of the Haiku Poetry Contest will be announced and presented with their awards. This is a great opportunity to meet the artists and poets in a celebration of their work.

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Wayne Cardinalli: Structural Tea

May 24 – August 17, 2014

Location: Permanent Collection Corridor
Curator: Jonathan Smith
Reception: Sunday June 22, 2-4pm
Curator Walk & Talk: Sunday June 22 at 2:30pm
Image: Wayne Cardinalli – Cocoon (2014)


Wayne Cardinalli, a well known and respected ceramist and instructor, has spent his lifetime perfecting the art of creating teapots.  These pots are more than just a container for making tea; they have evolved into a showcase for the sculptural and decorative skills of the artist himself.  These pots engage the imagination and charm the viewer with their endlessly inventive forms.

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Infinite Daydreams: Reflections on the Sublime Imaginary

June 14, 2014 – August 24, 2014

Location: Lee-Chin Family Gallery
Curators: Caitlin Sutherland & Kendra Ainsworth
Reception: Sunday June 22, 2-4pm

Clouds function as fuel for the imagination of children and adults everywhere, and can still evoke a sense of wonder in even the most staid adult. This participatory exhibition uses Max Streicher’s immersive Alto Cumulus installation as a physical touchstone through which audiences, in particular youth, can engage with the concept of the sublime.
Image: Max Streicher – Alto Cumulus

[panel header=”Call for Photo Submissions” swatch=”swatch-agb-lightturquoise”]

Call for photo submissions for our upcoming exhibition ‘Infinite Daydreams: Reflections on the Sublime Imaginary’. The exhibition explores how we respond to the sublime in nature – that sense of wonder, power and beauty we feel looking out at blue skies filled with clouds over the lake’s horizon. This is hard to capture in one photo, so we need lots!

To be a part of a photo installation in the gallery, please send our guest curators:
– one photo of the sky over the lake, or
– one of the horizon

Photos will be added to the exhibition throughout the summer.

Email photos in .jpg format along with your name to


The exhibition will run June 14 – August 24, 2014.


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