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Suited to a Tea: Forty Years – Forty Teapots

January 11, 2018 – April 17, 2018

Location: Perry Gallery
Opening reception: Friday February 2, 2018, 6:00 – 9:00pm

In honour of the fortieth anniversary of the Art Gallery of Burlington, we are kicking of this celebration with an imaginary tea party with forty teapots drawn from the Permanent Collection of Contemporary Canadian Ceramics. Often considered the most challenging of functional forms, these pieces, ranging from the highly functional to the more creative, will demonstrate the eclectic variety of shapes, sizes, and styles that has made this shape such an appealing form for the potter to explore.

Image: Ian Symons, Teapot, 1991.

Sandy Simmelink: Needle Arts Collector and Maker

January 17, 2018 to February 14, 2018

Location: RBC Gallery
Public reception: Friday February 2, 6pm-9pm

Fibre artist and collector Sandy Simmelink presents a selection from her collection on historic lace and needle work, in conjunction with her contemporary work that integrates materials and techniques drawn from the past.

Image: Sandy Simmelink, Walking In My Winter Wonderland, 2006


The Art of Dance

February 17, 2018 to March 18, 2018

Location: RBC Gallery
Opening Reception: Sunday February 25, 1pm-4pm

Dance as an art form can be seen as beauty and in another moment it can be seen in a very fleeting moment of “now”. Each show is unique and creates a sense of flow of life. One must learn to be in the ‘moment’ and appreciate the experience because in a matter of another moment it passes. It is similar when we experience a moment in time touching our hearts and souls whether we view film, theatre, opera and dance contemporary or ballet. For me, emotion comes first, movement follows-which is a form of expression and the movement itself has a life. Art is something that makes us look at our lives and to think about them in a way that is rich and rewarding. As I reflect on art, I feel as if I’m in a spiral, but at the same time I am standing outside of it being objective as I contemplate the celebration of the creative spirit.

Creativity is the outer expression of the spirit within me. My intention is to be awake to my own potential, connect to my divine spirit and enter into the spiral dance of creativity.

                                                                        – Justine Giuliani


“When the artist is alive in any person, whatever his kind of work may be, he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self-expressive creature…. He finds gain in the work itself, not outside of it.”

                                                                         – Robert Henri

About the Artist: Justine Giuliani
Artist, Founder and Program Director of Central Park Labyrinth in Burlington which opened on May 14, 2005 (following a temporary Labyrinth installation from 1999 to 2003) is one of the first Labyrinths in Canada. Central Park Labyrinth is a significant part of the City of Burlington’s Public Art Program. Justine has exhibited extensively in the Burlington/Toronto area. Her paintings are part of art collections held by Corporations and individuals throughout Canada, United States and Europe. Originally a Registered Nurse by profession, she completed her Honors BFA at York University from 1991 –1996. Justine’s vision was to create a permanent meditative sanctuary in Burlington through Central Park Labyrinth and the exhibition of her paintings. The intention was to promote community involvement by reaching out to everyone to experience healing, a deeper sense of connection and to promote peace and tranquility. Justine has completed a Facilitator’s Training Course to conduct workshops on Labyrinths with Rev. Lauren Artress, author of Walking a Sacred Path. Rev. Lauren Artress is the foremost international speaker on the use of the Labyrinth and Founder of Grace Cathedral’s Centre for Spiritual Wholeness in San Francisco  and Veriditas, the World-Wide Labyrinth Project.

Our Canada

December 19, 2017 to December 31, 2017

Location: RBC Gallery

Camelot Centre is a not for profit, day program for adults with intellectual disabilities over the age of 20.  Since its inception in 2006, Camelot Centre has partnered with the Art Gallery of Burlington, on a monthly basis, to present instruction in various medium, for this unique population.  We are committed to bringing art and artistic expression. in its many diverse forms, to our clients!

Our artists have been inspired by Canada, in all its majesty, and are thrilled to show their talents in this exhibition.

Special thanks to Tyler Van Holst, Art Gallery instructor and the programming staff of the Art Gallery of Burlington for making this exhibition possible.

Happy Birthday, Canada!


John Willard Fibre Arts Residency: Chandra Rice

November 17 to December 17, 2017

Location: RBC Gallery
Public reception: Thursday November 30, 5pm-7pm
Artist Walk & Talk: Saturday December 2, 2pm

The second recipient of the John Willard Fibre Arts Resident, Chandra Rice, presents her new work in this exhibition.

In the summer of 2014 the Art Gallery of Burlington proudly launched the John Willard Fibre Arts Residency to celebrate the remarkable life of John Willard. Not one to follow the rules of tradition, Willard turned the craft of quilting into a truly remarkable art form. With scissors, needles, thread and fabrics Willard created his own one of a kind quilt designs whether inspired by traditional patterns that he had deconstructed or by historical events. To continue Willard’s legacy as a fibre art teacher, the residency enables artists to have access to one of the AGB resident fibre studios in order to develop a body of work for a solo exhibition in the RBC Gallery.

About the Artist
In a world where each of us increasingly curates our own experience – choosing what Instagram accounts to follow and pages to like, carefully constructing selfies that show off our lives, and binging on Netflix – a traditional (fixed and untouchable) exhibition of art, as seen in many galleries, can create an insurmountable distance between artists and viewer. Chandra Rice seeks to bridge that distance, encouraging the viewer to interact with the work, to curate the exhibition themselves, and to become part of the artistic process.

Image: Chandra Rice, Birds of a Feather, 2017.


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