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Salt, Soda, Wood

Ran from Oct 5, 2013 – Jan 19, 2013

Salt, Soda, Wood – three of the oldest firing methods available to potters, are now practiced by only a small, dedicated group of ceramists. These firing techniques can be long and arduous, taking sometimes a week or more, resulting in individual pieces of unique beauty. Drawn from the Collection of the BAC and augmented by the work of several young artists, this exhibition will explore these ancient techniques and the aesthetic ideals – such as the Japanese idea of ‘wabi sabi’ – that inform them.

Walter Hickling: A Memory

Ran from Sep 28, 2013 – Oct 27, 2013

Walter Hickling exerted a formative influence on a significant number of our regional artists. A stimulating and demanding teacher, Walter was no less rigorous in his own artistic practice. The exhibition is an introduction to the issues he explored in his paintings.

Mundialization: Student Art Exchange

Ran from Jun 15, 2013 – Jul 15, 2013

In conjunction with the City of Burlington’s Mundialization committee, the BAC presents a display of student artwork from Florence Meares Public School in Burlington, and from Fujimidai school in our twin city of Itabashi, Japan. The definition of mundialization is the act of a city declaring itself a “world citizen” and being aware of global issues with a sense of shared rights and responsibility. The concept involves the twinning of cities from around the world, in the belief that peaceful cooperation depends on mutual trust and appreciation among peoples of different nations, races, and cultures. Mundialization encourages citizen connections as a way of fostering world peace and global understanding. Burlington’s twin cities are Itabashi, Japan and Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

Jane Adeney: In Retrospect

Ran from Jun 29, 2013 – Aug 4, 2013

A select survey of the ceramic sculptural constructions by this senior regional artist. Bathed in warm light, Adeney’s smoke fired boxes reveal secret interiors and hidden objects that allude to human passions, fears and longings. Her works are intellectually and emotionally engaging, and while minimal, have a powerful physical presence.

Donn Zver: Forty Years in the Making

Ran from Jun 8, 2013 – Sep 22, 2013

For over forty years Donn Zver has been a driving force in the ceramic community in Ontario. He continues to produce work in his highly recognizable style and has a strong influence on the clay community though his promotion of young artists. Zver was both a founding member of the Potter’s Guild of Hamilton and Region and of FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association. This exhibition will be drawn from the comprehensive selection of work in the BAC’s Permanent Collection, augmented by work from the artist and local collectors, and will trace the evolution and development of Zver’s forms and decoration.

Marotta and Suarez: Form and Surface

Ran from Apr 20, 2013 – Jun 2, 2013

The exhibition presents recent works by Laura Marotta and Ixchel Suarez. Both artists have distinctive practices, operating within the discipline of contemporary textiles. Marotta constructs wooden three dimensional objects which are based on elements and principles of the waffle weave. These sculptures were engaging and exciting; they are connected to weaving conceptually, but definitely don’t look like textiles. Ixchel Suarez creates large format, visually arresting tapestries. She employs traditional tapestry techniques with an inquisitive contemporary artist’s design sensibility. These are two art practices which explore the world around us. The contemporary textiles link is at best a slender thread. Common concerns are the repetition of form with structural and mathematical inner sources underlying their design – manifestations of thinking about materials and life.

The Art of the Cut: Papercuttings by Lini Grol

Ran from Mar 8, 2013 – May 12, 2013

Paper cutting is an intricate and ancient art form found in many cultures. Artist and writer Lini Grol has been creating and exhibiting her paper cutting artwork for over 50 years, and the Burlington Art Centre is showcasing her work, the long history of the art form and its place in the contemporary art world. Originally from Holland, where paper cutting is a traditional handicraft, Lini emigrated to Canada in 1954 and now calls the Halton region her home. This display offers a unique opportunity to experience this art form through beautiful examples created by a master.

FUSION Fireworks

Ran from Apr 15, 2013 – May 30, 2013

For over thirty years, FUSION Fireworks exhibitions have examined the direction of ceramic art in Ontario. From the early days of Harlan House and Kayo O’Young to the current work of Reid Flock and Leslie McInally, this exhibition has introduced and promoted the work of young ceramists to seasoned professionals through the evolving stylistic directions the art form.

Dinnerware: A Study in Design

Ran from Nov 3, 2012 – Mar 31, 2013

Winston Churchill spoke of architecture – ‘We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us’. The sophisticated interdependence of design elements required to create an aesthetically pleasing set of functional pieces are often completely ignored by the user because of the commonplace nature of the object. This exhibition looks at how function and aesthetics drive some of the most everyday objects that surround us. Works included in this exhibition are by Harlan House, Shane Norrie, Judi, Dyelle, Goyer-Bonneau, Peter Jensen and others.

Reid Flock and David Thai: Neo-Modernism

Ran from Aug 11, 2012 – Oct 21, 2012

Two artists working with silica-based materials – one clay (Reid Flock), the other glass (David Thai). Both artists are pushing the boundaries of the media making it lighter and thinner while working with highly demanding surface treatments. This exhibition explores the similarities of contemporary design aesthetics arising from advanced production methods, while contrasting the characteristic of these two related silica materials. Flock (Hamilton, Ontario) brings his experience of working in Hitachi, Japan to his designs, while Thai (Toronto, Ontario) has made a name for himself in Canada.

A Natural World: Jean Maddison and Lynn Wyczolkowski

Ran from Sep 15, 2012 – Nov 11, 2012

In this joint exhibition, Maddison and Wyczolkowski present their interpretations of the natural world. Maddison’s digital prints reference human reproduction, with a human foetus situated in a kaleidoscopic realm of diverse elements, analogous to the mythological Garden of Eden. Wyczolkowski’s photographic floral prints reveal a myriad of shapes and forms to which the naked eye is not privy. In her words, “Nature is perfect.”

Ann Mortimer: In Series

Ran from Jun 23, 2012 – Aug 26, 2012

Ann Mortimer RCA of Newmarket, Ontario has explored themes and processes by working in series over the course of her career. This exhibition will examine past serial work including the perspective plates, the bird-fish form and the sculptural cups, with emphasis placed on the latest work – a series of porcelain umbrellas, which explore the relationship between form and pattern. This series which was factory produced in China under the direction of Mortimer, investigates the latest development in art ceramics which is the collaboration between industrial producers and the working artist.

High and Low: Tony and Sheila Clennell

Ran from May 5, 2012 – Jul 29, 2012

A survey of the work of the artists of Sour Cherry Pottery – Tony and Sheila Clennell. Originally living and working on Georgian Bay, they are now based in Grimsby. Their exhibition record and teaching experience have made them a driving force in the ceramic world today. Tony and Sheila Clennell have consistently worked to simplify their functional ware into the expressive forms they are well known for – a merging of the Japanese aesthetic of wabi (the aesthetic of the worn) with a western understanding of function.

Immigrant: New Works by Rosemary Sloot

Ran from Apr 21, 2012 – Jun 4, 2012

“This is an exhibition that deals with the post-war emigration of the Dutch to Canada. In telling my family’s story I am, in part, telling the story of every Dutch immigrant and in telling of the post-war experience, I am touching on every immigrant Canadian’s story.” – Rosemary Sloot

Verge: New Generation Mentor Group

Ran from Feb 18, 2012 – Mar 25, 2012

This exhibition is the result of a twelve month mentor project for emerging artists. It features an eclectic mix of mediums and approaches, from dynamic large scale installations with sound and video to bold canvasses and photo based works. One installation artist will even be working on a self-portrait over the span of the exhibition!


Ran from Feb 4, 2012 – Apr 22, 2012

The first pattern decorations found on ceramics were geometric – an indication of a desire to establish an ordered and predictable world. That desire has never left us and still today artists create work that is ordered on the idea of geometrical form and/or decoration. This exhibition looks at the various degrees of order artists chase after, from the tight control of Roseline Delisle’s clean cut and striped container to the Kayo O’Young’s deliberately distorted pristine forms.

Walls of Memories: Khalid Thamer

Ran from Jan 14, 2012 – Feb 19, 2012

As a youth in Iraq, Thamer watched the walls of old houses and read them as accumulations of love and war and revolt and revolution. That experience is the foundation of his current body of work. “I set up the surface of the painting like a wall, and then I draw symbols and pictures out of my dreams and emotions … Then I leave some of the secrets on the surface of the painting” Khalid Thamer

Black + White = Grey

Ran from Oct 29, 2011 – Jan 22, 2012

Drawn primarily from the collection with additional work by a selection of invited artists including Kayo O’Young, Diane Nasr, Jane Hill, Sadashi Inuzuka, this exhibition is one in a continuing series which examines the relationship of ceramics and technology through the development of glaze. The search for expressive colour in ceramics has driven the development of glazes and clay bodies, ranging from carbon trap shino glazes to the translucency of porcelain.

Gino Lorcini: Significant Forms

Ran from Nov 26, 2011 – Jan 29, 2012

This exhibition is a survey of the sculptural practice of this senior artist, Gino Lorcini. The exhibition includes maquettes, full sized three dimensional works and wall reliefs from the 1960’s to his most recent artworks … in wood, acrylic, aluminum, bronze, and steel. The works are invested with care, knowledge, and feeling. And they reward the viewer with insight, emotion and satisfaction.

Handbuilt: Judith Graham and Chandler Swain

Ran from Aug 9, 2011 – Oct 16, 2011

This exhibition contrasts the differing approach of these two career ceramic artists who hand build their work with the classic methods of pinched, coiled and slab construction. While Graham works in a highly methodical manner with great emphasis on formal values, Swain’s approach is highly intuitive and spontaneous in response to her subject matter.

Nora Hutchinson: Willow

Ran from Jul 9, 2011 – Aug 9, 2011

A video installation. A slow motion picture of a willow bough moving in the wind is projected into a wall corner resulting in a curved or “distorted” image. “Its gracefulness is a surrogate for sanctuary while its split frame can be seen as a symbol for cynicism…a post pastoral world.”

Ixchel Suarez: Textures From The Forest

Ran from Jun 1, 2011 – Jun 28, 2011

A member of the Handweavers and Spinners Guild, Ixchel Suarez has been working with fibres for over 30 years. Born in Veracruz, Suarez now makes her home in Canada, and has been greatly influenced by the textures and beauty of nature. As 2011 has been named by the UN as the Year of the Forest, through her art Suarez celebrates the resilience of nature, and its importance to the well being of humankind.

The Fabric of Clay: Alexandra McCurdy

Ran from Sep 17, 2011 – Oct 30, 2011

Alexandra McCurdy, ceramist/printmaker/independent curator, works in porcelain making highly decorative, one-of-a-kind, colourful pieces, informed by her long-standing interest in textiles. Her conceptual work is both personal and accessible, highlighting women’s symbols and icons. She has lately branched into prints on paper, using women’s clothing as plates

Leszek Wyczolkowski: Beyond Geometry

Ran from Apr 26, 2011 – Jun 14, 2011

Paintings and intaglio prints that contemplate confluences of nature and geometry. “Geometrical forms and patterns within the organic world often go undetected. It is when we isolate organic matter, viewing it at close range that its affinity with geometry becomes apparent.” L. Wyczolkowski

Chenfu Lin: Fused Aesthetic

Ran from Dec 4, 2010 – Jan 30, 2011

Abstract paintings that fuse aesthetic sensibilities from across cultures. Chenfu Lin was born in the Province of Fukien, China. He has spent the past five decades creating pieces that meld the East and the West. His work projects a sense of Eastern

Makers’ Choice 4

Ran from Nov 6, 2010 – Jan 23, 2011

Part of a continuing series of exhibitions where five ceramists chose a selection of work from the Permanent Collection of Canadian Ceramics at the Burlington Art Centre and write their perspective as a maker on their choices.

Homegrown (Ontario Ceramics 1970-2014)


2014-15 Ongoing Exhibition

Location: Permanent Collection Corridor
Curator: Jonathan Smith

Drawn from the Permanent Collection of Canadian Ceramics, this exhibition traces the history of ceramics in Ontario over the last forty years. Starting with the refined functional ware of Ruth Gowdy McKinley and her effect on the program at Sheridan College and elsewhere, this exhibition will look at the development of the more sculptural approach by younger artists such as Reid Flock and Mary Philpott.

Image: Reid Flock – Basking Denim Noise (2014)

Magdolene Dykstra: Watch

May 24 – September 14, 2014

Location: Courtyard
Reception: Sunday June 22, 2-4pm
Curator Walk & Talk: June 22 at 2:30pm


Magdolene Dykstra, previously seen at the Art Centre in last year’s major ceramic exhibition ‘Hot Mud’, is the feature artist in this year’s courtyard installation.  Here she takes her figurative work and expands it, using the courtyard as a landscape setting.  Playing with the size of her figures, she sets up a tableau that challenges our sense of scale and our relationship to the space around us.

Magdolene Dykstra, Watch View full-size photo

Community Event: Culture Days

September 27-28, 2014

The AGB and its guilds invite you to explore the visual arts and fine craft in Burlington with our exhibitions, artist demonstrations and art activities during our open house. All events and activities are FREE!

Saturday September 27, 2014 10am-4pm

  •  All day: Host location for Open Doors Ontario – Walk through our hallways, galleries and studios, and see all that the AGB has to offer!
  • All day: Demonstrations by guild members – Artists and craft makers from the Burlington Fine Arts Association, Burlington Handweavers & Spinners Guild, Fibre Arts Group, Burlington Rug Hooking & Craft Guild, LATOW Photography Guild, Burlington Potters Guild and Burlington Sculptors & Woodcarvers Guild display their skills.
  • All day: Art Etc Gallery Shop artists share their inspiration and demonstrate techniques they use to create their works.
  • 11am-4pm: Studio Portrait Session – Have your photo taken in this demonstration of a typical studio portrait session by the LATOW Photography Guild. See the display of work by guild members and learn more about LATOW.
  • 1-3pm: Art Hack – In partnership with the Burlington Public Library, come and watch an art and technology experiment with conductive paint, markers and thread! Come and watch teens and kids who do traditional art incorporate tech art supplies into their creations.
  • 1-4pm: FREE Wool Felting Workshop – Experiment with needle felting starting with a beginner’s project ‘felted pumpkin’. All are welcome! Please call 905-632-7796 ext 307 to reserve your place for this free workshop.

Sunday September 28, 2014 12-4pm Walk through our hallways, galleries and studios, and see all that the AGB has to offer!

  • All day: Demonstrations by guild members – Artists and craft makers from the Burlington Fine Arts Association, Burlington Handweavers & Spinners Guild, Fibre Arts Group, Burlington Rug Hooking & Craft Guild, LATOW Photography Guild, Burlington Potters Guild and Burlington Sculptors & Woodcarvers Guild display their skills.
  • All day: Art Etc Gallery Shop artists share their inspiration and demonstrate techniques they use to create their works.
  • 1-4pm: FREE family fun art activities in the Creative Hub.
  • 2-4pm: Exhibition receptions for our newest exhibitions, Coast to Coast to Coast, Portrait of a Collector, and the Burlington Fine Arts Association Annual Juried Exhibition. Free receptions and all are welcome to attend!

For more information on Culture Days in Burlington.

Touring Exhibition – Beyond Function

July 5, 2014 – September 13, 2014

AGB Touring Exhibition
Location: Woodstock Art Gallery

Curated by Jonathan Smith, Curator of the Collection, the exhibition features ceramic artists from Southern Ontario with pieces from the AGB Collection.

The contemporary ceramist is often faced with the dilemma of choosing between making a line of functional pieces, where the uniformity of the work is the hallmark of the artist, or branching off into one-of-a-kind sculptural work, where the modeling skills of the artist take precedence over production methods (the use of coils, slabs and wheel thrown forms) and the medium that are the trademark of the ceramist. The alternative option that more and more ceramists are turning to is the production of often, large scale pieces, that while they are based on classical vessel forms, can stand alone as sculptural expressions/objects of beauty, where the artist’s vision outweighs the practical everyday usefulness of the object. Each one of these artists lives locally in Southern Ontario, from Mississauga to London and is an important member of their arts community.

Woodstock Art Gallery

Image: Reid Flock, BASKING DENIM NOISE,  2014,  3.6 x 61.0 x 39.3 cm. Thrown and extruded paper clay, paint

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