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Black + White = Grey

Ran from Oct 29, 2011 – Jan 22, 2012

Drawn primarily from the collection with additional work by a selection of invited artists including Kayo O’Young, Diane Nasr, Jane Hill, Sadashi Inuzuka, this exhibition is one in a continuing series which examines the relationship of ceramics and technology through the development of glaze. The search for expressive colour in ceramics has driven the development of glazes and clay bodies, ranging from carbon trap shino glazes to the translucency of porcelain.

Gino Lorcini: Significant Forms

Ran from Nov 26, 2011 – Jan 29, 2012

This exhibition is a survey of the sculptural practice of this senior artist, Gino Lorcini. The exhibition includes maquettes, full sized three dimensional works and wall reliefs from the 1960’s to his most recent artworks … in wood, acrylic, aluminum, bronze, and steel. The works are invested with care, knowledge, and feeling. And they reward the viewer with insight, emotion and satisfaction.

Handbuilt: Judith Graham and Chandler Swain

Ran from Aug 9, 2011 – Oct 16, 2011

This exhibition contrasts the differing approach of these two career ceramic artists who hand build their work with the classic methods of pinched, coiled and slab construction. While Graham works in a highly methodical manner with great emphasis on formal values, Swain’s approach is highly intuitive and spontaneous in response to her subject matter.

Nora Hutchinson: Willow

Ran from Jul 9, 2011 – Aug 9, 2011

A video installation. A slow motion picture of a willow bough moving in the wind is projected into a wall corner resulting in a curved or “distorted” image. “Its gracefulness is a surrogate for sanctuary while its split frame can be seen as a symbol for cynicism…a post pastoral world.”


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