DANCING ON THE GRAVE: Dil Hildebrand & Patrick Thibert

DANCING ON THE GRAVE: Dil Hildebrand & Patrick Thibert


Start date: December 1, 2018 - End date: January 27, 2019


As a sculptor, Thibert’s artistic practice has moved from a deep engagement with abstraction towards the figure and has since leapt back into the power of shape, line, and colour. A generation younger, Hildebrand’s paintings have evolved out of the magical realism of trompe-l’œil (to deceive the eye) into a playful struggle with the flatness of the green drafting grid. He is now embracing historical illustration as a jumping off point with his image-making.

It is their imaginative use of collage and layering that formally links these two artists. The resulting visual effects strike those elusive chords of emotional meaning. Both Hildebrand and Thibert force the viewer to put work into the process of looking. The reward is an unraveling of subtle nuances that tug at poignant memories and connections buried deep within us.

Opening night reception: 6 – 9pm, November 30, 2018

Image: Dil Hildebrand, The Mouth Breatheth Out, 2017

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