Free Fare Fair

You’re invited to the opening of the exhibition: Division of Labour

Friday, January 17 | 7 to 10 PM | Art Gallery of Burlington


This is a full fair of FREE offerings including a performance by Atom Cianfarani featuring their Operate With Less (OWL) handmade styrofoam shredding machine, a newly commissioned dance/aerobic work by Joaquin Wall, a sonic intervention by Adee Roberson, and bumping beats from DJ Smooth Transitions and DJ Donna Lovejoy.

Image credit: DJ Donna Lovejoy

Make your own Zine

Try zine-making with Tara Bursey, hands-on learning and building with BurlingtonGreen, or upcycle plastic toys with the Tiny Toy Company. Doors open at 7 PM!

Image credit: Tara Bursey




About the Exhibition:

Division of Labour is an exhibition bringing together artists who address issues of class, race, and labour as they relate to cultural waste.Including the works of nine artists who utilize recycled material in their work to illustrate the power and potential of reused matter for artistic production, the exhibition and ancillary programming are designed to educate about the scarcity of resources, labour rights, and the lack of living wages in the arts.

Image Credit: Division of Labour wordmark, Tetyana Herych of Furrawn Press

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