Damian Siqueiros: Prisms, Portraits of LGBTQ Canadians in Culture

March 20, 2018 to April 17, 2018

Location: RBC Gallery

Originally exhibited as part of the 2016 edition of the 10×10 Photography Project hosted at the Gladstone Hotel, this selection of work explores the intersection of arts and the LGBTQ community. The portraits celebrate the impact and contributions of the LGBTQ community in the arts and beyond.

About the Artist
Damian Siqueiros is a Montreal based photographer and multidisciplinary artist. He creates the sets and props, design the make up and lighting of his images. The painterly aesthetic in his oeuvre is a tool that allows him to make a link between contemporary and historical perspectives. The core themes of his artistic work are deconstructing gender identity to promote gender equality, and the acceptance of gender diversity. He views gender identity as a performance and a socially constructed part of human behaviour. This is why, dance, has become an integral tool to illustrate his views and challenge preconceived ideas about identity.

Image: Damian Siqueiros, Portrait of film director Chloé Robichaud as Cindy Sherman, 2016

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