Naked Craft

Naked Craft

June 20 – September 6, 2015

Location: Lee-Chin Family Gallery
Curators: Sandra Alfoldy (NSCAD), Denis Longchamps (Art Gallery of Burlington), Juliette MacDonald (Edinburgh College of Art), Emma Quin (Craft Ontario), Arno Verhoeven (Edinburgh College of Art)
Symposium: Saturday, June 27, 10am-4pm
Reception: Sunda, June 28, 2-4pm

This international project brings together the best of contemporary Canadian and Scottish crafts. Makers from these two countries are united in this exhibition to celebrate the shared sense of northern resilience as both of them rest to the north of a southern powerhouse. People in Scotland and Canada have a tendency to identify themselves by what they are not; Not English, Not American, and our countries appear to struggle to retain our freedom from those southern neighbours. Contemporary craft builds upon traditions and heritage that are place holders that aid in defining our identity and cultures.

This exhibition will strip ideas of craft back down to four themes that bridge the past and the present, traditional and changing ideas:

    1. New Positions

    2. Down and Dirty: politics and materials
    3. Do-it-Yourself: DIY
    4. Tooling Up: New technologies and economies

Image: Kari Woo, Foundation, 2015

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