In Spirit

Wind & Waves

September 19 to November 15, 2015

Location: Lee-Chin Family Gallery
Artists: Timothy Laurin, John Latour, Heather Murray
Co-Curators: Virginia Eichhorn and Dr. Denis Longchamps

In Spirit presents the work of Timothy Laurin, John Latour and Heather Murray. Timothy Laurin works plays with family and found photographs that he reinterprets. His practice focuses on identity and memory and how one informs the other and keeps in flux one’s sense of self. John Latour’s text-based art, sculpture, and found photography highlight the ways in which we connect with the past, and how this uniquely human activity is mediated through words, objects, and images. In some of his recent works, he explores the ideas of spirit communication and physical mediumship as metaphors for communicating with the past. Heather Murray is influenced by her rural backdrop and creates diligently and enthusiastically out of her haunted historical studio in Owen Sound Ontario. She is drawn to our collective histories and the imaginary world of those who walked before us. She is a collector of ephemera, memories and rich discards that may (or not) inform her work.

Co-curated by Virginia Eichhorn, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, and Denis Longchamps, Art Gallery of Burlington.
Image: Tim Laurin – Beach Party (2014)

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