Briar Emond

Born and raised in Mississauga, Ontario, Briar currently resides in Burlington. After earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Guelph University, she explored careers in finance as well as film and television production. Briar was bit by the bug while finger painting with her children one day. That quickly led to a daily endeavor of expanding her knowledge and skills in the realm of visual arts. Her work highlights the mathematical sequencing that is the foundation of our reality. Hoping to catch a glimmer of the AWE that surrounds us, both visually and emotionally.

Artist Statement
I believe there is objective beauty. Something that crosses all cultural and societal biases. An undeniable beauty, that is felt on a vibrational level. Not one based in evolutionary advancement but one based in sheer pleasure. I am looking to define that “it” factor and I believe the definition is hidden in natures math.

Through composition, construct and application I employ the math of our universe. I use the Fibonacci sequence to map out my canvas as well as form the basis of the image itself. I pour my paintings and use minimal brush work to allow gravity to help mold the fractal like details. My hope is that the viewer will feel a resonance with my work. That it propels them to stop and take a closer look and notice the recurring shapes and patterns that occur all around us. Possibly bringing us closer to understanding the what and why behind the beauty.

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