Winter’s Day I


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Susan Wilde

24″ x 24″

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Sue has always been involved in the art world in some way, beginning her career in the advertising and editorial fields — doing art direction, layouts, marker renderings, illustrations and graphic design. Interior design is also a passion.

  She has recently moved from the Hamilton area and now lives near Tweed, Ontario and paints in her studio overlooking the river. During the past twenty-five years she has concentrated on fine art, initially working in oil pastels and now painting mainly in oils and acrylics.

  Her main forte is doing still life, in a highly realistic style painted in oils, developed from studying the Renaissance period. It left her fascinated with the use of chiaroscuro (strong light contrasted with deep shadow) which is evident in her work today. The elegant simplicity of Sue’s work is at the core of its wide appeal. She transforms the seemingly mundane — a silver bowl filled with cherries, a glass bowl with lemons — into wonderful works of art. Sue combines the immediacy of drawing with the brilliance of painting, to breathe life into even the most static stills. You could almost eat the fruit!

  More recently she has also been working in acrylics in a looser more abstract form. A wonderful drippy style has evolved, portraying mainly landscapes — perhaps a tree-lined field, or a view of the edge of the Niagara escarpment with the light coming through the trees. Very different from the still life and lots of fun to do!

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