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Robert Slivchak

Mixed Media
56″ x 36″

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Robert Slivchak was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, he currently lives and works in Burlington.  Robert is an abstract artist inspired by the climate that surrounds him and his passions in life.  He uses both thick and thin layers of acrylic as well as latex paint, applied using palette knives, rags, sponges and brushes, pulling back and removing portions of each layer until the result is something that’s synchronized with his current feelings.

His father is one of his biggest inspirations for pursuing a career in fine art.  At a young age he was always fascinated with his ability to work with any medium and his gift of being able to transform it into something beautiful.  His encouragement to express myself artistically at a young age was key to my artistic development.

Robert is a huge advocate of reusing materials, reducing waste and recycling.  It is his belief that “process begins with individual efforts because we all have to do our part to leave this world in a livable condition for future generations.”  In 2015 Robert formed a partnership with Loop Paint.  Loop is the recycled paint brand of waste collector and recycler Photech Environmental Solutions located in St. Catharines Ontario.  They work with Stewardship Ontario and industrial partners to reduce and ultimately eliminate Ontario’s waste paint.  In addition he builds his frames from reclaimed wood whenever the materials are available and will be painting 100% of his new works with recycled and reclaimed paint.

Robert’s work is in many private collections in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Hong Kong.  His work has been in many Solo and Group Exhibitions.

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Dimensions 42 × 1 × 42 in
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