Burpee Millstream


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Aleta Karstad

12″ x 16″

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Born in Guelph, Ontario in 1951, Aleta learned her love of nature through helping her wildlife pathologist, Lars Karstad, with travels and field work. After the three-year Fine Arts course at Central Technical School, Toronto, she began to work in biological illustration at the National Museum of Canada, and in 1973, married biologist Frederick W. Schueler. They have been residents of the Bishops Mills since 1978, and are very involved in recording local natural history. In 2002, they opened Bishops Mills Natural History Centre in the old General Store building. Aleta’s books have been drawn from her illustrated natural history journals, and since 1995 she has been teaching her method.

Aleta and her husband Fred are currently travelling on the maritime leg of the 30 Years Later Expedition (http://www.fragileinheritance.org/). She is painting full time on this expedition and producing five paintings per week, which she uploads to her blog (www.karstaddailypaintings.blogspot.com) from which she runs a week-long e-mail auction for each piece to support the 30 Years Later Expedition.

About Burpee Millstream:

“18 June finds me sitting on my paint caddy by the Burpee Millstream in one of the western slices of New Brunswick’s Grand Lake Meadows PNA, working to capture the patterns of light and colour of water as it courses past, and the rhythm of Red maple and White Pine branches as they reach into the light above the stream.

Fred has just returned from wading down the creek on the round cobbly rocks, admiring the aquatic moss and collecting spring drift from the floodline one metre up the bank. He found a Two-lined Salamander under a stone at the stream edge, and dipnetted a Stonefly larva. There were no crayfish, clams or snails, and no evidence of Beavers. Then he walked back through Sensitive Fern and waist deep Ostrich Ferns to check my progress on the painting.

Painting moving water is a time-consuming study, and I realize that whenever I’m not guessing, I’m learning.” – Aleta Karstad

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Dimensions 18 × 1 × 15 in
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