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Angelina Bontempo

30″ x  48″

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Angelina Bontempo, has always had an inner passion for art, but it wasn’t until 2013 that she started to express herself through abstract acrylic painting. As a self taught artist, she quickly realized there was an obvious freedom and personal expression with abstraction.

She was deeply interested in the effects of color, texture and the emotional response to strong composition and design. By creating something that told a story without an observational subject matter was very exciting to her. Angelina’s work is a mix of styles, ranging from modern to rustic.

Ultimately, her goal is to have the elements of design, color and texture unleash a sense of emotion and reflection for the viewer.


Artist’s Statement:

My work reflects a desire to live in the moment and appreciate what is happening as it happens.  I create from an inner voice which has no boundaries or rules, a voice guided by intuition. My passion for art stems from a love of experimenting and exploring the languages of colour and texture.

My preferred tools are the spatula and brush. I enjoy using acrylics as their quick drying nature allows me to quickly build up texture and to be spontaneous about applying changes.

The journey of my paintings often start out one way with many changes made along the way. Every moment bringing a new shift revealing something new and exiting. I believe it’s when I embrace my imperfections and allow mistakes to spill into a piece and show through is when the true magic of art begins. These “errors” are often the sparks which set a painting off in a new direction and ultimately lead to the final piece. Often resulting in something completely unexpected.

With no true road map or plan, I never have an end in mind. It is an instinctual feeling which allows me to step back and declare a piece finished.

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