Frosted Remnants of Summer


$196/month to rent
$5100/to purchase

Peter Fischer

66″ x 36″

Item ID: 4743


Peter Fischer’s paintings focus primarily on the fine nuances of the natural world.  With a background in graphic design, his carefully honed eye for detail captures the randomly occurring repetition of shapes and pattern, resulting in paintings which often invoke a sense of calm in the viewer.  Peter enjoys gathering inspiration from areas in and around the beautiful escarpment passing through Dundas along with his travels to Quebec and the Maritimes.  Recently his painting “Leander Sky” was chosen by Sotheby’s for the live auction at the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s Super Auction.  His work sold among the top six at Art Gallery of Burlington’s live auction and at the Dundas Valley School of Art auction his work sold in the top two in the contemporary paintings category.  He exhibits at galleries in Charlottetown, Waterloo, Toronto, Hamilton and Burlington.  His work is in both private and corporate collections in Canada the U.S., Europe, Japan and Australia.

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