Primordial Mist-Sunrise


$140/month to rent
$3600/to purchase

Douglas Edwards

36″ x  48″

Item ID: 44509


“I have used color and light to express everything in my life.  It is my way to deal with the happiness, sadness, grief and healing of life and to try to reach serenity and fulfillment.  Each painting brings me something new, as a chapter in a book or a pattern of thought and nature.  I endeavor to share my expression of serenity on canvas”.

Douglas Edwards studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design and the off-campus studies group in Florence, Italy. A full time artist for 30 years, he has shown his works across North America as well as the United States, England, Italy, Sweden, Japan and the Bulkans. He has taught art courses at many institutions including Sheridan College, Oakville and Leighton Center, Alberta. His works are in Many prominent corporate and private collections.


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