Taking out the Pet Rabbit


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Cora Brittan

Mixed Media
3″ x  5″

Item ID: 75094


I paint because I’ve always loved to—but it isn’t a frivolous activity. I am propelled by a deep, enduring interest in why we are here, why the world is so beautiful and so terrible, and in our limited understanding, so fleeting.

I am compelled to capture those rare moments of illumination, in which everything appears to be part of a circle, and goes round exquisitely and  seamlessly in a wondrous dance.

Some of my paintings are fairly large, but many of my works are of a small and intimate size. I use a range of mixed media materials, including  22 carat gold and silver leaf, acrylic inks, and coloured gessoes.

I work on terra cotta tile, prepared board, heavy acid-free paper, and Japanese paper. The training I was privileged to receive in London, England as a calligrapher and gilder has also been of great value, giving me a steady hand, an eye for detail, and a love of pattern and design. This, along with the joy, wonder and delight of creativity inspires the work I do.

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