Those Days Will Come Again


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Jeanette Obbink

24″ x 24″

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Jeanette Obbink was born in 1960 in Holland.  After finishing high school she worked for 2 years as a Delft Blue Pottery painter, it was there that she realized she had a knack with paint, brushes and colour.  Jeanette went on to obtain a BA in Fine Arts and a teacher’s degree.

After finishing her studies in 1983, Jeanette worked as a teacher and graphic designer, trying to find time to paint whenever possible.  In 1989 she moved with her husband and young child to England, where they lived for over eight years before moving to Canada in 1997.  Both in England and in Canada, Jeanette and her husband ran a graphic design studio.  Now living in Paris, Ontario with her husband and three children, Jeanette occasionally teaches art classes, still works as a graphic designer but she is finding it more and more important to express herself on canvas.

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