Wild Bouquet


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Donna Grandin

16″ x 20″

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Donna Grandin is a professional fine artist from St. Lucia.  She received an hons. B.A. in Art from McMaster University in 1997.  Since then she has been exhibiting her acrylic paintings in the Caribbean and Canada, gaining collectors from those areas and beyond.  She currently lives in Burlington, Ontario with her husband and two sons.

Following a long tradition in art, Donna is drawn to the organic shapes and rhythms in nature.  She enjoys creating compositions with vibrant colours and vivid contrasts and often paints tropical landscapes, flowers and foliage.  she also paints the Canadian landscape as she experiences it.

Donna’s paintings are often described as realistic but the effect is achieved more through mood than by capturing every minute detail. In fact her painting process is similar to that of an abstract artist, pushing and pulling the forms, arriving at the final image through layers of paint and exploration.

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